Science + Design = ScienceSet

In an age of information overload and images everywhere, any guidance through the clutter comes as a welcome relief.
What can scientists learn from the designer's process?

Meet the team

  •  Luca Chierico


Sceintific Director


Luca is the scientific part of the team. He helps to understand what customers need, reading and studying their scientific publications. He provides continuous scientific support for all projects, ensuring that they are scientifically correct and accurate. Luca took a degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of Padua and he has a PhD degree. His PhD project was developed in partnership with a big Pharma Industry and it was carried in between two of the major universities in UK, the University of Sheffield (Biomedical Science Department) and the University College London (Chemistry Department). This provided him a broad background in different scientific areas. During his career he had the chance to participate at several international scientific conferences to present in public his research.


  • Science Research 100%

  • Science Communication 100%

  • Creativity 85%

  • Managment 80%

  • Silvia Bianco

Silvia Bianco

Creative Director


Silvia is the creative and administrative part of the team. She has a wide knowledge of 3D computer art and graphic. She graduated in Industrial Design in Venice, where she had the possibility to explore her interest for nature inspired product design. For her thesis project she developed a number of products taking inspiration from fractals of dynamic systems to molecular self-assembling processes. After moving to England she became interested in using computer graphic to create illustrations and 3D renders of scientific discoveries. Silvia has created ScienceSet with the willing to share with researchers and scientists her passion for design, communication and beauty.


  • Design Approach 100%

  • 3D/Graphic progeammes 100%

  • Creativity 90%

  • Managment 80%